Friday, September 10, 2010

running to you

It seems like many of my blogs these days have come from songs I am listening to. This is another case of that. I have been listening to the newest Newsboys CD "Born Again." A favorite song on this CD has become one called "Running to You."

The words to the course really jumped out at me as I was listening to them.

When everything is broken
There's a door wide open
You'll find me running through
More than just emotion
My broken heart has chosen
Jesus, I'm running to you
I'm running to you

What is my natural response when my world is broken? Where do I run? Who do I run too? Those are some of the questions that started running through my head since I really stopped to think about those words.

Running to Jesus is the one place where we can always be sure that we will not end up on our own. He will be there! Many times we have to make the choice that is where we will go with our broken heart because it may seem more natural and easier to turn elsewhere.

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