Thursday, July 19, 2012

finding your way

Road signs tell us what is coming up. Maps give us directions to get where we're going. Both are important in those times when we get lost to help us find our way again. Without them we would have a hard time getting back on track or even staying on track.

I was reminded of this while on a road trip with some friends a couple of months ago. When we missed the turn off we needed, we had to find our way back to where we wanted to go. The road signs and maps we had were what we had to find our way again.

The same is true in our spiritual lives. We need road signs and maps to guide us along the path of life and bring us back when we wander off course. In our spiritual lives, those road signs and maps come from reading and studying Scripture, from spending time in prayer talking to and listening to God. That is how we get our directions and our maps to be able to walk the path we're called to walk as disciples of Christ. Without these things to guide us, we won't be able to stay on course or find our way when we get lost.

How are you doing at knowing the road signs and maps you need to follow the path God has for you?

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