Thursday, July 5, 2012

quiet time & formulas

Have you felt that there are certian things you're required to do in your quiet time? Or a certain time of day you have to do it? Or a certain amount of time you have to give to it before God will speak to you?

I konw I've often felt like there was a formula I had to follow to have a successful quiet time. I've also spent a lot of time trying to figure out the "magic formula" for getting God to speak clearly to me. Only to discover there is no such thing. There's no one way that is the secret to how to have a quiet time. Each of us is different and for each of us our quiet times will look different.

What is important about a quiet time? What really matters?

A quiet time is really all about building relationship - growing deeper in how well we know God.It's about taking time and making it a priority. In the same way, we make spending time with family and friends important in our lives, we need to make spending time with God important. What we do will probably look different than some of our friends, but that is okay. In fact, that's a good thing, because we're different people.

For me, my quiet time looks different depending on the day and time of year. Sometimes it's in a coffee shop; sometimes outside; sometimes at my dining room table; sometimes sitting in a comfy chair. And it could be morning, afternoon, evening. But, what I've discovered is that most important thing is that I make the time each day.

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