Saturday, August 11, 2012

Exodus 4:2

In Exodus 4 God is calling Moses to lead the Israelites out of their slavery in Egypt. Moses is looking for excuses not to do it. Moses asks about what to do if the people don't believe him or listen to him when he shows up to tell them God has said he, Moses, is to lead them out of slavery. God's response stuck with me when I read this a while ago. In Exodus 4:2, God asks Moses a simple question: "What is in your hand?"

Moses had a shepherd's staff in his hand. There wasn't anything special about it. It had been used in his job of looking after sheep, just like any other shepherd's staff. But, God was about to take that simple, ordinary staff and use it in a powerful way.

Exodus 4 goes on to tell us that God told Moses to throw his staff on the ground. When Moses did so it became a snake, and when he picked it up again it once again was a shepherd's staff. God was taking what Moses had to offer and using it for His purposes.

Maybe God wants to do something similar with us. I know God has been asking me the same question lately. What is in my hand looks pretty ordinary, but am I willing to allow God to take it and use it?

So, those are the questions I want to encourage you to ponder today:
What is in your hand?
Are you willing to allow God to take it and use it for His purposes and His glory?

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