Thursday, August 30, 2012

writing: my journey so far

The end of my two month experiment with a different way of posting on my blog has come. It's been an interesting experience for me. I haven't had deadlines to write things by since I finished college, but this has been a bit of that (except the deadlines are more flexible than a paper due date).

To be honest, it's been a challenge at times to write these. But, it's also been a good time for me. I love to write, so I've enjoyed setting aside regular time to do so. As someone who disliked writing assignments in high school, I never thought I would write anything for fun.

There was a point in my life where I wondered how people could love writing. I definitely enjoy reading, so I was glad people wrote things, but I didn't really understand how they could enjoy it. Then in my third year of college I discovered that when it was about things I actually cared about, writing was something I liked to do.

I didn't really ever think it would go beyond those college assignments. But after I made a few comments on some blog posts on the blog for the young adults group at my church, I was thinking about that differently. The young adults pastor at my church asked if I would be willing to post on a regular basis on the website. My first thought when he asked was, "Not a chance!" Thankfully, that's not what came out of my mouth. I said I would think about it instead.

I did say yes to doing that and in the process my love for writing grew. I quickly realized it helped me to make sense of the various things I was thinking about, if I worked to put them together in a way that made sense to another person.

That is ultimately what lead to this blog and the things I write on it. I've gone through seasons with my writing here. But it's never been something I was able to quit doing because I enjoy the challenge of it. These last two months have provided a bit more of a challenge with the regular schedule, but it has served to increase my love for writing.

For now, I will continue with a similar schedule to the one I've had for the last couple of months.

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