Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Blessing of Real Friendships

I just got home from having coffee with a friend. As I was driving home, I started reflecting on friendship.

Much has been said about friendship. And much of it by people who are probably considered more qualified than me to talk about it.

But, I don't profess to be an expert on most of what I write here, so I will share my thoughts.

Friendship is important in our lives. We all need friends. And we all need to be friends to others.

And not just people who say they're our friends. But people who really are our friends.

Sometimes I wonder if calling people we're connected with through social media "friends" has cheapened our understanding of what friendship really is.

Friendship isn't about lots of people knowing our every move. Friendship isn't about what's in it for us.

Real friendship is about really allowing people to know you and really knowing them. It means you are real. It means you have people in your life who can ask you the tough questions and who you can ask the tough questions to. It means you have people in your life who know the good and the bad in your life, but still choose to be your friend and love you.

Real friends stick with you through the tough times. They're the people you can count on to pray for you, to celebrate with you, to sit with you when things are hard, to call you on things when that's what you need.

The blessing of real friendship is that it's not based on surface-y stuff. It's based on something deeper. And we need that in our lives.

How are you doing at being a real friend to the people in your life?

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