Sunday, February 23, 2014

Adventures with God

"Our relationship with Jesus is messy, intimate, and beautiful all at the same time. Often He take us on those dangerous adventures just to strip away everything but Himself. From there, He'll show us that He is writing a bigger and far more beautiful story than we could ever have imagined." (Mandy Hale, "The Single Woman")

Adventures with God . . .

They sound fun to talk about. And often they are.

Let Go & Trust

But an adventure with God requires us to trust God completely.

We have to let go of control. Let go of knowing what the outcome will be. Let go of knowing even what is beyond the next step.

When we do that, then we truly get to participate with God in the adventure He has for us to take with Him. When God is all that we have left, that is when we really get to know God.

And it's when God is all we have left, that we begin to see the incredible story of our lives God is writing for us. But we have to let go of control to learn this.

Messy, Intimate, Beautiful

This is how our relationship with Jesus can be messy, intimate, and beautiful all at once.

Messy because we've let go of control.

Intimate because we are in a position of having to depend completely on God for absolutely everything.

Beautiful because the picture of a life so closely lived with Jesus is exactly what we were created for.

It's when we choose to step out with God, that we live such a life of adventure. That's when we get to be a part of the bigger story God is writing.

Where in your life is God inviting you to join Him on an adventure?

Are you willing to step out when all you know is the next step you have to take?

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