Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Created Perfectly

Crisp and cold
Brilliant sun
Reflects off the snow
Blinding me as I walk
Crunching snow
Beneath my feet
Every breath a sharp reminder
Of the cold surrounding me
The world around me silent
All activity ceased
Creatures are seeking refuge
Looking for some warmth
But God speaks clearly
Through the silence
His voice calls out,
"Follow Me here"
I don't know where
My destination is
Just the next step
He's asking me to take
I trust Him fully
As He leads me
Going where He wants me to
Stopping where He tells me to
"Stop here," He said,
"And turn around
To take a look
At what you see"
"I created all you see
With great care
I took My time
To make it perfectly"
"I also created you
With great care
I took My time
To make you perfectly"

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