Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Each Day a Gift from God

I've been reminded the last couple of days that each day God gives us to live is a gift from Him. The things that happen in those days might not always be things that bring us joy - in fact, life can be hard - but each of those days is still a gift.

Some people seem to live that way easier than others. It seems like they have an ability to see the gift in each day. And that way of living in infectious to those around them. It's not that they deny there's hard stuff that happens or that they take joy in pain, they just see each day that they wake up as a gift from God to be used to serve others in His Name. They live with an honesty about them regarding the good and the bad times of life.

Those are the people who we interact with in life who leave a mark on us for the rest of our lives - and a mark for the good. They're the people who encourage us to live life to the full - like Jesus said He came to bring (John 10:10).

And they're the people we don't forget - whether they were in our lives for a few days, weeks, months, or years. Something about them was different and it made us take notice.

I've known a number of people like that over the years. And I'm blessed to have many people like that in my life today.

Today, I'm reminded to pay attention and notice them while they're still in my life. To appreciate those people God has placed in my life who point me and encourage me towards the life God intended for each of us to live. To notice that before they're gone forever from my life - instead of waiting until it's too late to tell them.

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