Thursday, June 28, 2012

finding the good in the hard times

On Sunday night I was at my church watching a video that showed just a little bit of all that has happened in the last year in my church family. It was good to be reminded of all the good things that have happened in the midst of a challenging year in many ways for us as a church family. And I know that video didn't even cover everything. I needed that reminder on Sunday night. It started me thinking about how the same thing is true in all of life - even when it's hard, there can be good.

When things get hard, it's easy to forget the good - whether it's in our own lives or in the life of a larger group we're a part of. But, from my experience, I've learned that even in the midst of the hard times there are good things that happened. They're not always the easiest to find. When things are hard, it's usually easiest to see all the things that are making it hard. But, when we really stop to look, we can see good things in the midst of it.

Seeing the good things doesn't mean we trivialize or ignore the hard. It doesn't do us any good to do that. We need to face what is making life hard and we need to persevere through it. But, sometimes the way we get through the hard is look for the good that is happening in the midst of it.

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