Sunday, December 2, 2012

the beauty of the family of God

A room full of women. Laughter. Conversation. Food. Games. Enjoying one another's company.

Different ages. Different things that fill our lives.

But one thing in common - we all love God. And we serve together.

As I sat at the table and listened to the conversation I was struck by how odd this may be in the world we live in today. All of us from different walks of life brought together by what we do have in common.

We may not be family in the normal way we think of it. But, we're family in so many other ways. The family of God.

And I felt blessed because of it. My life is richer because of them being a part of it.

As I drove home earlier this evening after spending time with these women, I began to think about how that time had been just a glimpse into how things should be. We need each other. And we need to learn from people whose lives look very different than ours.

They can teach us things we would never learn otherwise, and the women around that table have taught me things just by being a part of my life.

I truly believe that is the way God intended for us to live. Not always dividing ourselves up by age or life stage (although there is a place for that as well)), but learning together and learning from each other.

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