Sunday, December 9, 2012

why Christmas matters

Sitting in my living room, looking at the tree. Lights and decorations that reflect that light.

I turn off the rest of the lights in the house to just enjoy the lights on the tree. It's not enough light to do much, but that's okay, I just want to enjoy them.

As I sit, I start to think about the holiday this tree is named from - the day that we'll be celebrating soon.


I've had many years when I've dreaded all that comes with this time of year. The sappy music. The pressure to buy more stuff that we really don't need.

But, the last few years, I've looked forward to this holiday. I stopped letting everything the world around me says it's about impact my thinking.

To me, it's about celebrating Jesus come to earth as a baby. The day Jesus was born is a day that changed the world.

And whether all care to acknowledge it or not, Jesus coming to earth is acknowledged in many things in history today.

As much as Jesus' death and resurrection changed our relationship with God and sometimes I feel like we need to make a bigger deal of remembering and celebrating that day, that never would have happened if Jesus hadn't come to earth first. It's important we celebrate the day that Jesus was born, because it is a day that changed the course of history.

And so, as I sit here by a tree and think about this holiday, I can't help but look forward to it.

What about you?

What does Christmas mean for you?

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