Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking Risks

Over the last few months I've had some posts for here that I've written, but not had the courage to post. With a writing group that I'm part of we were challenged to write something that scares us and then share it.

I've done half of that. I've written it, but that was the easy part. It's the sharing of it that is a little more difficult.

This has caused me to think a lot about the whole idea of taking risks in our lives. About taking chances with things we do.

Not uncalculated or stupid risks. But planned, carefully thought-out risks.

Those are the things that make life interesting. Without risk our lives are boring and predictable.

The times in my life I look back on as being exciting or even just being enjoyable, are the times when I took a risk of some kind. They weren't always big risks, but even the little things can change things.

The times in my life that were the most boring and predictable are the time when I just stayed where it was safe and I refused to take any risks. That's not the way I want to live.

Taking risks is not something I do naturally. I would much rather stay where I know it's safe. It's my usual tendency, but it's not really a satisfying way to live.

What risk do you need to take?

What is holding you back from taking that risk?

When will you take the risk?

{The posts I've written that led me to writing this post, will probably be posted one day, but I don't know when. I' may have made you curious about them, but you'll have to wait until that is a risk I'm taking in sharing them.)

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