Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where is Your Home?

Have I come to think of something other than Christ as home?

This question was asked in a Bible study I started last week. And it's something I've been thinking about a lot since then.

Is Christ my home?

Or have I made my home somewhere else?

Home is the place where we can be comfortable. Where we can be ourselves.

Where have I made my home?

What do I think of as my safe place?

I'm not talking about a physical place, but of the place you find it safe for your heart to be. The place where you feel secure in who you are.

We seek this feeling of security in many things. We may seek it in money or a prestigious job or lots of material goods. But we won't ultimately find what we're looking for in any of these things.

The security we're looking for only comes and stays when we make Christ our home. When we find our identity, our purpose in Christ. When we learn to rest in who He says we are and His love for us.

That is where we need to make our home.

And when we do so, we can begin to really live. Because we feel secure enough to try new things, to take risks, to take that next step we've been thinking about. We can do these things because we know we have a safe place to fall whether things go well or we run into challenges.

Where is your home?

Is it in Christ?

Or is it elsewhere?

Do you need to learn to make Christ your home again?

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