Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Brave

Joining in with Five Minute Friday again this week. Today's word is "brave."

Being vulnerable and trusting others requires us to be brave.

It can be a scary thing to open ourselves up to being hurt. To share the stuff with others that could be used against us if they have malicious intent. We have to be brave to do it.

But it's so necessary in our lives. Being brave is required to really live. We can't really live unless we choose to be vulnerable and to trust people with our stuff. We have to be brave.

It doesn't mean we do so without thinking. We may choose the people with whom we share carefully. But have to be brave enough to actually share.

When we choose to do so we reap the rewards of being brave. Because we get to truly live. And we get to have real friends - people who know us and still love us. All because we were brave enough to start trusting and being vulnerable with them.


  1. Great post, I agree brave means trusting and putting your heart on the line, letting others in to discover new friendships and learn new lessons.

  2. Soo true...being brave to share our lives......Trusting is a big thing....Love the truth you write here.