Sunday, May 5, 2013

Walking into Freedom

Walls come tumbling down
Walls I've built so high
Walls I thought protected me
That really kept me bound
Sunlight shines in darkness
On places long kept hidden
Pushing away the shadows
That I've used to keep me safe
Exposing what's within me
The things I've tried to hide
I thought I'd feel ashamed
Instead I feel relieved
His love envelops me
Forgiveness, grace, and mercy
No judgement here
An invitation to be freed
Chains are broken
Prison bars are gone
Wounds are healed
He beckons me to come
Walk out into that sunshine
Leave the old behind
No looking back or holding on
To what I was before
I've been called to something better
I have been set free
I have been made new
I can start again
Now I am free
Now I am healed
Now my wounds are scars
Because He came for me
I won't forget where I came from
That's what makes me me
But I don't have to live that way
I have been set free

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