Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Comfort

It's Friday and time for Five Minute Friday again today. Writing for five minutes, no editing or over-thinking, and then sharing it. Although, I will say that this week I saw another Five Minute Friday post this morning, so I knew what the word was, and I've been sort of writing this post in my head for the better part of the day.

Today's word is: COMFORT.

Do you seek comfort in your life? Or do you follow God, even if the place He's taking you isn't comfortable?

We spend our lives seeking comfort. We want a safe place to live. We want the right things in that place to make us comfortable. We want friends and things to do that bring us comfort in life.

In his letters to the Corinthians, Paul talks about God being a God of comfort. But I wonder if when we think about the comfort God offers the wrong way. The comfort God offers is not one of being physically comfortable.

What if the God of comfort is not about physical comforts, but about something else?

God doesn't promise that life on this earth will be one of ease and pleasure. But Scripture tells us He will provide us with comfort. Comfort in the midst of whatever life throws our way.

Sometimes that means we have to follow God to places it may be uncomfortable to go. Again, I'm not talking about physical spaces. I'm talking about following God into those areas of our lives where He wants to do some work.

It may not be comfortable, but we go there with a God who comforts us in the middle of it. What better way to live?

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