Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Risk When We Begin to Walk Out Our Freedom

I learned an important lesson this week. One of those things I'm sure I've learned before, but that I needed to be reminded of again. One day it will stick, but until it does, I'm thankful God is patient enough to teach me the same thing over and over again.

What is the lesson I learned?

That when I try to do things out of my own effort I just end up tired and discouraged. Tired because it takes more than I have in me to do it myself. Discouraged because I find myself back where I was before God brought freedom and healing in my life.

The truth is I have to walk out the freedom and healing God brings in my life, but I can't do it in my own strength. Living it out has to be God in me for it to really work.

I've found that it can be really easy to fall into the trap of trying to live it out of my own effort. When things are going well, we can forget to acknowledge God as the Source of our victory. When things aren't going well, we think that if we just try harder things will get better. In short, we turn to relying on human effort to live it out.

But whatever we try to do ourselves doesn't help. There is only one thing we can do that does help when we've fallen into the trap of human effort. Acknowledge it and run back to God to start again with it being lived out of dependence on Him.

This week, I'm grateful that I can do this as often as I need to, because God wants it for me. So He will let me come running back. And hopefully the times this happens occur less frequently over time.

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