Sunday, February 17, 2013

7 of my Favourite Scriptures

Last week I wrote a post about seven quotes that have impacted my life. It made me think about something I've read that is even more important and has impacted my life in a bigger way than those quotes.

It's God's Word I would be talking about. There's nothing quite like it in my life.

There's far more than seven verses that have impacted my life. But today I will share just seven of them that have had a big impact on how I live my life.

Peter is talking about how we should live our lives differently from the world around us. Live that should be different enough that those around us notice something is different. The way we live should make others wonder why we're different.

To me, it's a pretty simple reminder of how much God values each one of us and cares about the details of our lives. That's a great truth to hold onto. Especially when we may find it difficult to believe ourselves. Sometimes we have to read the truth before we begin to believe the truth.

These verses make it pretty clear that there is absolutely nothing that can separate us from God's love for us. He is with us. He is on our side. We're not alone in whatever we may be going through.

What a relief to know that as followers of Christ we no longer stand condemned. We are forgiven and our condemnation is gone.

We will be convicted of things in our lives that aren't in line with what God has for us, but we're not condemned because of them. The price has been paid already.

God is the One who is at work in us to what He has for us to do. There are things we need to do as followers of Christ in obedience to Him. But the good thing is we don't have to do it completely in our own strength. God is at work in us so we can do these things.

God doesn't expect us to carry heavy burdens on our own. He invites us to take them to Him and give them to Him. He will give us something we can carry rather than the heavy load we have been carrying. Jesus gives us the rest we need when we take our burdens to Him.

We have no reason to fear anything.If God has asked us to do something, we can step out with the courage to do it. God will go with us every step of the way.

Those are just seven of the many verses God has used to speak to me in my life. There's definitely many more I could have chosen to use. Keeping this list to only seven was more difficult than trying to keep my list of quotes last week to only seven.

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