Tuesday, February 19, 2013



Life is full of them.

Some of them are easy to make. And some are much more difficult.

I don't know if there's even a day that goes by where we don't have to make choices of some kind.

When we read Scripture we're presented with even more choices. God tells us what He wants, what His standards are, but He always leaves it as our choice whether we follow them.

Even once we've chosen to follow God, we're faced with choices. We still choose whether to obey what God says. We still choose whether to accept all that He is offering us.

And those choices in our walk as followers of Christ affect our experience as followers of Christ. And they can influence the way we see things in Scripture.

The reality is that all of life comes down to a series of choices. And that is particularly true of our walk with God. Choosing to follow God didn't suddenly turn us into robots who just do what we're supposed to do.

Recently, I've been challenged about the choices I make myself.

What will I make more important in my life?

Will I obey what God says even when it's hard?

Will I accept and welcome in my life all that God has given me?

What about you? How will you answer these questions?

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