Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Minute Friday: After

Joining in with Five Minute Friday and Lisa-Jo Baker's blog today. Today's word is "after."

After . . .

It's a word we use to delay pursuing something in our lives.

I'll do that after I . . .
     . . . finish my degree
     . . . get married
     . . . get a better job
     . . . have enough money in the bank.

We can give a list of excuses for what we're waiting for before we pursue something. We often say we'll do something after we meet a certain requirement of some kind.

There's always something we have to do before we get to pursuing that dream. The dream comes after all sorts of other things.

But there's something we miss when we continually put those dreams off until after.

We miss the joy and fear of trusting God as we step out into the unknown.

If we wait until after we've achieved the great life and the financial security we claim we need to pursue a dream, we miss out on that. And often we miss out on the dream no matter what.

Because we can always find something more we have to achieve or acquire first. The after holds us back.

One little word . . . five letters . . . and the potential to impact our lives in huge ways.

What are you waiting for before you pursue something? What is your after?

Are you willing to take a chance now and take a step towards that dream before you reach your after?


  1. So true, I'm remembering a time when I was waiting for after; then the Lord whispered "Now".

  2. Wow, Tamara, great take on after. It is easy to fall into the trap of waiting to after. I'm recovering from that tendency and pursuing those dreams now. Great encouragement.