Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Friend

Joining in with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday again this week.

Five minutes of writing on the word "friend" today. Five minutes - no editing, no over-thinking, no back tracking. I don't always do that part well, but I edit these far less than most things I write.

Friends . . .

We need them.

We long for them.

Without them, life is boring and lonely.

To be a true friend requires that we trust someone else with things that they could use to hurt us. And that we allow them to trust us with those same things.

A true friendship is built on trust. But that makes it difficult sometimes. It makes it hard.

I've been blessed with some great friends in my life. They're people to laugh with. To cry with. To talk about pretty much anything with. To share so much of life with.

A true friend is someone you can sit in silence with and it doesn't feel awkward. You're comfortable enough to just be quiet and be together sometimes. No one rushes to fill the silence.

A true friend will call you on the tough stuff. They're not afraid of challenging you because they care enough to want the best for you. And, even when you don't like it, you'll listen to what they say because you know they care.

Who are your friends? What kind of friends are they? What kind of friend are you?


  1. God has brought me so many different types of friends, even my on line community have become great friends. My friends support me, give prayer, speak their opinions, call me up to the greater good, call out the gold in me when all I see is yuck. I pray that I am the same kind of friend. Stopped over from the Five Minute Friday. Have a blessed week.