Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This post should have been posted on Friday as part of Five Minute Friday, seeing as the word for this past Friday was "here". But it wasn't written then, so I share it now.

Driving towards a familiar place. One of my favourite places to spend time.

A place filled with memories.

Friendships formed here.

Friendships strengthened here.

Challenged in my walk with God here.

Many important lessons learned here.

Retreats and summer camp. I've spent lots of time here.

Turning down the dirt road that takes me here. It feels the same as it always has. But something also feels different this time.

I'm looking forward to being here again. But I'm also a little unsure of why I'm here this time.

This retreat won't be exactly the same as all the others I've been to here. I've been told that by others - by their stories from these retreats.

But, I know that God has told me I'm supposed to be here this weekend. God has a reason for me being here.

A couple days later, I head back out on the same dirt road. Leaving now.

I know why God had me here.

He had something for me here.

I was here to meet with Him. And now I'm leaving changed.


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from 5 minute friday...you did better then me. I'm doing a last minute one on Thursday :)

    God always comes through, doesn't He? I'm always asking Him 'why', but so often He just says 'come, I'll show you!'
    Glad for you you had such a blessed time at the retreat!

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      God definitely does always come through. He's great that way! It's how we know we can trust Him.