Thursday, April 18, 2013

Share It or Hide It?

Sometimes when I write I find it easy to talk about things from a distance. Under the guise of not getting too personal in my writing. I can begin to talk theoretically about things.

Usually, I know the truth of what I'm saying, because I have lived it to some degree before. But I'm playing it safe by not getting personal. It makes it easier to not get hurt.

But I'm realizing that I learn from real life stories - from times the writer takes a chance and shares something a little bit personal. A writer that allows me into their life is one who can change the way I see or think about someone. They're the ones I keep on reading.

When we share things that are personal, we provide other people the opportunity to hurt us with that information. But if we don't ever put ourselves in this position, we get lonely. We isolate ourselves and then we wonder why we feel so alone.

Obviously, we can't share everything with everyone. We need some boundaries in place. But sometimes we go beyond reasonable boundaries and share nothing at all which isolates and restricts us from really living.

So we have to learn to take a chance with people.

To share things with them from our lives.

Ultimately, we're taking the chance of getting hurt. But if we've taken time to develop friendships and trust with people, we've hopefully shared with people who won't hurt us with what they've just heard.

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