Sunday, April 14, 2013

How Do You Approach God?

How do you approach God?

Do you come running and excited to see him?

Or are you hesitant to approach God?

As I was driving home from my church tonight I was thinking about this. As I did, God brought a picture to mind and used it to remind me of something important.

I was reminded of something from when I was a kid. When my sisters and I were little, the sound of my Dad coming in the back door when he got home from work each day, caused us to stop everything we were doing. We ran to see Dad. He didn't get far into the house before the three of us were right there.

As I was remembering this, I felt like God was asking me why I didn't approach Him the way I did with my Dad when I was little.

If God is my heavenly Father, why do I seem to think that I can't approach with Him with excitement and joy to see Him? Why do I seem to think it's something I always have to take seriously?

Maybe there are times when we need to be more serious in our approach to God. That's the case with our earthly fathers too. But, I think we need to learn to sometimes approach God with the excitement of a little girl running to say hi to Dad when he gets home from work.

After all, God paid a huge price for us to have the freedom to do so. And He loves us even better than our earthly fathers ever can.

When was the last time you approached God with joy and excitement to see Him and spend time with Him?

Is this something you need to learn to do more often?

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