Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

Joining Five Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog. This week's word is "rhythm."

Life often seems to have a natural rhythm - a natural way that things happen as we go. And we get comfortable in it. We can even stop thinking about the natural rhythm of life when things are going well.

The same thing seems to happen in nature as well. We move from one season to the next - from day to night and back again.

But there are times when the rhythm that we're used to get interrupted. Sometimes just in one way and sometimes in many ways.

My mind has been thinking about this since early yesterday. That's when I first heard of flooding and crazy amounts of rain in areas where I have family and friends living. The news just seemed to keep getting worse as the day went by - and it still isn't getting better.

The rhythm of nature that we all got used to was interrupted. And then it began to interrupt the rhythm of life for many people. We can no longer stay comfortable.

Usually I have some sort of point I try to make in my writing, but today I can't come to one. My mind is full of pictures of the destruction I've seen from floods. And stories I've heard of the natural rhythm of life being interrupted.

Today I'm left with the reminder that we cannot control nature. And the need to pray for those affected by thing we cannot control - because when we pray we're talking to the One Who can control those things.


  1. Hi! I'm your neighbour from FMF.
    Sometimes the rythm of life is not a rhythm that makes sense to the logical mind. It seems chaotic but even in chaos there is a sort of rhythm. I hope your friends and family are ok and not directly affected by the rains and floodings.

  2. And you are so right, He is in control. I'm joining you in praying for the devastation in the flooding areas and for the hearts and lives of the people who are affected. May they have what they need, and most of all comfort and peace in this challenging time. Blessings to you!