Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Danger of Busy-ness

Do you ever have those times when you look at your calendar and realize you have booked yourself to do more things you normally would have? When you see that you are far more busy than you would have chosen to be?

That was the case for me recently. I looked at my calendar and realized I had something written on pretty much every day. Some people may like having something to do every evening after work and every weekend, but not me. I like my time at home.

This started me thinking about busy-ness in our lives. The way it affects us. The dangers of it.

The problem with busy-ness is that it can keep us form the things that really matter. When we're running from one thing to the next, our relationships with others and our relationship with God take a hit. We get so caught up in what we're doing that people don't have the priority that we should.

And then I began to wonder if that is exactly what Satan wants for us. To have us so busy with things that we don't have time for what really matters. To have us so busy that we forget about what is really important in life.

And we need to learn where to draw that line for ourselves. The line of what is too much to do and what is enough. And then we have to learn to live by that line.

Busy-ness can be a problem. We have to be careful with it.

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