Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hearing God Repeat the Same Message

Have you ever had one of those times when it seems like every where you turn the same thing keeps coming up?

Different sources - same message.

When that happens I find myself wondering what God may be trying to tell me. It causes me to stop and listen more carefully. To pay attention to what I'm hearing.

I've found that God often speaks this way. He gives the same message to me in multiple ways. I might read it in my Bible, hear it in a message at church, read it on a blog or in a book, or have it come up in conversation with a friend. When that happens multiple times, I become pretty sure it's God speaking.

God speaks to us, but we have to learn to listen. If we don't begin to pay attention to those times when God keeps saying the same thing to us, we miss what God is saying. And missing what God is saying, makes life more difficult to live the way we were created to live it.

Different sources.

The same message.

Are you listening?

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