Saturday, June 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday:Fall

Once again joining in with Lisa-Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday (although it would be early Saturday morning as I finish this). The word for today is "fall". We write for five minutes, unedited on the word and then post it.

Slowly. Carefully. I inched out toward the ledge.

I had almost conquered it all. The high ropes course I had looked at and decided I could never do for years. Most of it was behind me now.

But the last remaining section was the scariest of them all.

The zipline.

It sounds exciting to some, but when you don't like heights and you really don't like the feeling of falling, it's anything but exciting.

When I finally reached the edge of the platform, I froze. Now I was supposed to jump off and let the ropes and harness catch me as I sailed through the air to end.

I wasn't sure I could do it. I hated feeling like I'm falling, and that's exactly the way I would feel for a few seconds when I jumped off the platform I was standing on.

By the time I finally jumped, I'm sure everyone had given up on me ever actually finishing. But, I did it. And I really didn't like the feeling that came with jumping off the platform - falling was not fun. But actually finishing the entire course was.

As I walked away from that day, I started to see how that experience could be likened to many moments in my walk with God. To "fall" off the platform, I had to trust that the ropes and the harness would catch me.

Sometimes it can be like that in our walk with God. God asks us to step out in something. And to step out, we have to take that step without knowing where our foot will land. We have to "fall" and trust that God will catch us and keep us on track.


  1. I like how you put the feeling of falling into the context of falling into our Lords embrace! Beautifully written!